They're handy for:
  • Toning down a dressy or bold outfit
  • Layering to create a cool look
  • Wearing something casual, chic and yet simple
  • and of course, keeping yourself warm!


The best thing about a blazer is that it immediately dresses up an outfit and changes the entire demeanor of an outfit. A skirt and blouse is immediately much more professional when a blazer is added. The same is true with a pair of trousers and a top -- when a blazer is added, the look goes from casual to impressive. You can get away without a suit if you have a good blazer, and you can pair it with skirts, trousers, and even a pair of jeans for a party or a date or a day of shopping.

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Grey High Waist Trouser

High waist trouser
TRY this high waist trouser which gives a semi formal look; you can wear it for your work too. Compliment it with high heels for a smart look.

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Big Bangle

Little Bangle

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